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Pre op tests

Preparatory Course

This course tries to inform, clarify expectations and specially to clear out why a patient might need the Bariatric Surgery and what all this may imply.  In this way the patient can make questions, clear out any doubts and be able to learn about other operated patients’ testimonies, in order to make a better decision.  The foreign patients must fill in a form with their information and apply for the pre-op test, which is a requirement to go further with the treatment.

Medical Screening by Surgeon

The initial examination made by a surgeon intends to inform the treatment alternatives to achieve the best surgical option for each case.   Depending on the multiple variables to consider such as
sex, BMI, specific habits, patient expectations, risks, etc.

Abdominal Ultrasound

The ultrasound is important to discard hepatobiliary diseases that might interfere with the course of the surgery.  The 30% of the patients with extreme obesity suffer from gallstones.

Metabolic Studies

A detailed evaluation must be realized before the surgery, in search of diseases that are already established.  This would be with the intention to discard endocrinologist syndromes.

Upper Endoscopy or upper barium study

All the surgical procedures in Bariatric Surgery include some type of procedure on the stomach, reason for which this organ must go through an endoscopic evaluation, prior the surgery. Patients with BMI over 50, we prefer make an upper barium exam than endoscopy.

Psychological Screening

This evaluation establishes if the patient suffers from any personality trauma.  It allows the Bariatric Surgery team to find out the level of maturity of the patient to accept this type of surgery.   Most of the times, this also gives a clear picture of how the psycho-familiar scene in which the patient treatment will be developed.

Nutritional Valuation

The patient must be evaluated on his/her obesity level and nutritional habits.  It is important to pay special attention to their favorite food and feeding frequency, etc.  During this appointment, the patient is introduced to begin the changes required for the post-op.

Other Examinations

Some other examinations may be required, under the doctors criteria, based upon special conditions in each case, such as electrocardiogram, echocardiogram, tests of respiratory function and valuation by the cardiologist.

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