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Surgery Indications

Patients that are qualified for a Bariatric Surgery are those whose BMI (Body Mass Index) is higher than 40Kg/m2, as well as those patients with a BMI superior to 35 and that are suffering of symptoms associated with obesity.
As for the required age, this type of surgery applies between 14 and 65 years old, however, there could be exceptions to the rule in certain cases.

Preparation for the surgery

The patient to be submitted must go through a process of previous valuation and must be widely informed on the alternatives of the treatment.  The patient will be able to auto-evaluate himself during the valuation process in order to decide if he or she is willing to assume the surgery.  If there is any doubt regarding to carry out the bariatric surgery, then our teams of experts will advice the patient to take the time to think about it better.

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